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Kingsford Waterbay Condominium – an exciting place in Singapore to live

Kingsford Waterbay, the upcoming private condominium in Singapore has a total area of approximately 27000 sqm. This condominium, which will be ready for occupation in December 2018, is offering 1165 apartments and six 2-storey strata terraces. The project consists of nine 16 storey buildings, basement carpark, swimming pool, play ground, 6 retail shops, childcare centre, gym, fitness centre and a community hall. This condominium is situated very near to a plethora of shopping malls including Hougang Mall, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Rivervale Mall, Rivervale Plaza and Kang Kar Mall. Kingsford Waterbay is situated in Upper Serangoon and is on the banks of Serangoon River. The residents can enjoy various water sports like power boating, fishing and kayaking.

kingsford waterbay condominium an exciting place in singapore to live


Kingsford Waterbay Singapore is constructed according to the latest architecture and the interiors are designed in awesome style. Top-notch facilities are provided in each apartment. A host of amenities are provided for the residents that include gym, swimming pool, community hall, fitness centre and childcare centre. Kingsford Waterbay has easy access to all other parts of Singapore. The upcoming Integrated Transportation Hub will make it very easy and comfortable for the residents to reach any other part of Singapore. The parents need not take their children to faraway places for schooling. There are many reputed primary schools, high schools and junior colleges very near to Waterbay.

An ideal investment

The serene environment makes Kingsford Waterbay one among the best condominiums in Singapore. The nearby Punggol Park makes this place healthy to live and naturally beautiful. The residents have a lot of entertainment options here and many world class restaurants are there along the Upper Serangoon Road. Waterbay offers the residents a luxurious, lavish and highly comfortable life style. The tranquil surroundings, green environment and unpolluted air make it a healthy and comfortable place to live. Buying an apartment in Kingsford Waterbay Singapore is a wise investment and living here is an exciting experience.